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Since some of you are reading these posts in an RSS Reader, I’ve made the choice to only offer a 400-character teaser of each post in my RSS feed. Personally, truncated post summaries in RSS feeds drive me nuts. That said: I know that some of you reading may still be building families of your own, and sometimes pregnancy posts or images might be difficult to read. That way, by only offering you a little teaser in your RSS Reader, you can decide if you want to click through.

Fair enough? Let’s dive right in to tonight’s post then. :)

I’m officially in the second trimester. Where, oh where has the time GONE people?!

And, it turns out, I’ve got some competition:

Always a princess, never the queen.

Always a princess, never the queen.

Kate: Girl, I get it. Hyperemesis gravidarum ain’t no joke. I had my own little run in with HG during weeks 8 to 11 of my pregnancy, too. I hope they sell Preggo Pops in the UK. I know, I know – I too scoffed at the idea of morning sickness, like, “Puh-lease. A little nausea? Bring it.”

Yeah, famous last words.

Let’s just say, with dispatches from the second trimester here, it does get better. Unless you have severe HG that lasts your pregnancy, which, I hope that doesn’t happen for you. Also? Good chance you’re expecting a mini-Duchess of your own. Jus’ sayin’.

I am, mercifully, feeling better. My thyroid is out of control (so what else is new) but for the most part, the nausea is finally at bay. It only rears its ugly head when I haven’t eaten but thankfully, my apetite has finally returned. I’m fatigued (thanks thyroid!) but otherwise feeling a bit more human in the last couple of weeks.

And, I think I’m finally getting a teeny bump to show for it:

Try to ignore the uneven plaster wall in the background. Hooray old houses!

Try to ignore the uneven plaster wall in the background. Hooray old houses!

This was taken Monday of this week. (Convenient: my weekly change date is Monday.) I’m hoping to do a weekly belly shot, complete with a space-themed title card. You can get an idea of the direction we’re taking with the nursery here on Pinterest.

Hard to believe we’re one-third of the way there already! And while I’m not exactly svelte by any stretch of the imagination, I have lost about 10 pounds since embryo transfer on September 29th… I’m concerned that I’m not gaining weight yet. The bump you see isn’t any kind of gained weight – it’s just a lifted tummy and intestines more than anything else.

And, according to my pregnancy iPhone app, the Knish is only about the size of a kiwi right now.

In theory, because my pre-pregnancy weight was on the obese side, I should only be gaining a max of about 15-20 pounds. So, if I can at least gain the 10 I’ve lost plus another 5-10, theoretically, I shouldn’t have too much to lose once the Knish arrives. We’ll see.

For those of you with kids and/or are currently pregnant: when did you notice the baby weight began?

Larry’s 31st birthday is tomorrow. Can’t wait to hand him the stack o’presents I got him this year and treat him to a lovely night out in Boston tomorrow night.

And then we’ll be spending New Year’s in Time Square – but not in the crazy crowds, rather, atop a roof with one of the best views of Time Square in the city. Sadly, Larry has to work (his client’s project is based in Time Square) but that means we get to avoid the New Year’s Eve crowd-madness and watch the ball drop from our own little private rooftop. Note to self: bring a warm jacket!

First OB appointment on January 4th – we’ve already met with a midwife, but now we get to meet the OB she works with. I’m going nuts. I’m not handling this whole transition from “RE to sporadic meeting with my OB/midwife every 6 weeks thing” well. I feel a bit untethered and unsupported.

When my midwife said that sometimes the infertility patients have a hard time adjusting, she wasn’t kidding.

Also, just four more weeks until our 18-week anatomy scan. I am going insane wanting to know if we need to plan a Bar or a Bat Mitzvah in thirteen years!

And no, we won’t be sharing that news anytime soon. Sorry folks ;)

Okay, one last picture:

My lovely lady bump.

My lovely lady bump.

What’s new in your worlds, folks?

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