Substantially Better, Thank You Very Much

Folks have been asking me all week: “How are you?”

To which I’ve replied, “Substantially better, thank you very much” just about every time.

I finally broke down and called my OB practice to see if they could get me in before the Monday after Thanksgiving. My nausea was literally debilitating and I just wanted to talk to someone in person. Sadly, because of the holiday, all of their available appointments were taken so they transferred me instead to their nurses’ line.

“25mg of Vitamin B6 three times a day and half a Unisom tablet daily,” she said, like it was the most obvious answer in the world to my question.

I called my OB’s office on my way over to acupuncture that day. In my session, she drove the needles in intensely to provide some immediate relief to my nausea for the first time in five days of uninterrupted distress. While the needles hurt like hell for a few minutes, the calm stomach was worth it. She even managed to give me my appetite back.

On my way home, I stopped at a CVS and bought a bottle of B6 supplements and a box of Unisom. And then I stopped by the grocery store and bought a box of TGI Friday’s potato skins because all of a sudden, my appetite was back LIKE WHOA and I wanted potato skins NOW. It was pretty intense.

Since taking the B6 and Unisom, I’ve slowly started feeling human again. I can get up in the morning without panicking about whether or not I’m going to make it to the bathroom (still haven’t barfed yet) and the nausea for the most part, seems to have chilled the fuck out – finally. And don’t take my word for it: science agrees this is a one-two punch to help take the edge off of severe morning sickness.

My appetite has come back and my diet now consists of the following:

  • Nonfat chocolate milk
  • Nonfat Greek yogurt
  • Vermont cheddar like it’s going out of style (notice a trend?)
  • Quaker seriously cannot make enough Life cereal to keep up with my consumption
  • Beef. ALL THE BEEF.
  • A relentless obsession with orange juice as my beverage of choice.

In fact, when I saw this crazy-ass video on Reddit last night, I found myself nodding along like, Yeah man, ORANGE JUICE:

So yeah, finally feeling human again while, yanno, making a human of my own inside of me. Good times, good times ;)

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