Welcome, welcome folks! If you’re joining me from The Infertility Voice, thanks for stopping on over! If you’re not, that’s fine too. Good times to be had by all, for all here.

Welcome to Fabulous

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For those of you that know me, y’all know I have a bit of a penchant for writing. Long before I got knocked the hell up, I had talked with Larry about creating a new blog if and when Team Zoll began adding more players to our roster. Since we’ve got a pretty big roster change coming up in June of next year, I figured it was time to jump on the new blog building.

Which means yes, now I have THREE blogs of my own to maintain. Because hey – why not add a third?

This is actually a very good thing as it allows me to keep my other blogs pure in purpose while writing all the random crap that I often self-censor from my other two blogs and keeping it in a nice package of geek foodie travel love here. At The Infertility Voice, I’ll be able to keep my blog free of pregnancy updates without having to futz with my RSS feed so as to be sensitive to my readers still in the trenches. (Since day 1 of this pregnancy, that’s been one of my top concerns.) It also allows me to create a more focused, purposeful editorial calendar to load up The Infertility Voice with even more comprehensive resources and compelling infertility stories.

At Words Empowered, I do get my geek love out sporadically, but now I can keep it focused specifically to web design, freelance writing, graphic design, font love, and social media commentary. Yanno, the things I do for business.

So what’s left then for this space, here at Team Zoll?


You’ll notice some of them along the menu bar above, linking to various blog post categories. If there’s one thing that Larry and I love, it’s gadgets, food and travel. Okay, that’s three things. Throw in my love of photography and crafting and you have the perfect storm of potential momblogging goodness. Except with a LOT more swearing and snark.

Bear with me if some of those tabs say “Sorry, no posts found.” That’s because I need to write them :) Thanks for your patience.

You may notice my archive timeline is a little weird, especially for a blog that I’ve just created. I’m backfilling a bunch of travel-related posts and even some food related posts originally hosted over at The Infertility Voice, so that’s why there’s a gap from 2009 to 2011. I’ve even posted, for the first-time anywhere, my 13-day travelogue of our 2009 trip to Japan, complete with TONS of pictures. (If you’ve got time to kill and want to take a vicarious trip to Japan via my husband and I, start here.)

The big thing for me was moving all of my pregnancy posts from The Infertility Voice over to their new, permanent home here. I have lots of updates to make already, from more ultrasound pics to my first midwife appointment to my very disappointing glucose challenge test this morning. If you want to stay up to date on the Knish (aka, Team Zoll #3) this is the place to do it.

I’m looking forward to watching this new space take shape and to finally write about some non-infertility related things in my life, like being a small business owner, the joys and sorrows of working from home, my increasing obsession with lace and custom nail designs and mason jars on Pinterest, and watching my boobs grow practically overnight (seriously, these girls are OUT OF CONTROL).

There will be photos. They will have vintage filters on them.

There will be food porn and recipes and meta posts about why I write. There will be blog memes that I regularly participate in like Perfect Moment Mondays, Time Warp Tuesdays, and ICLW – and may some new ones. I haven’t done an “ABCs of Me” in a long time. There will be gratuitous pictures of our cats until the Knish gets here, to be replaced by gratuitous pictures of the Knish.

And yes: those too, will have vintage filters on them.

I will bitch and/or rave about things I read in the news, share weird things my husband and I find on Reddit, and sometimes I might just spend a whole post talking about a trip to the Farmer’s Market. Because our Farmer’s Market is pretty fucking awesome.

In a nutshell: welcome to Team Zoll. Welcome to the madness, the mayhem, the randomness, the geeky-ness. Come for the veal, stay for the snark.

Tip your server.

We’ll be here all week.

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